About Us

For over 27 years, our agency has helped individuals and businesses develop insurance solutions tailored to their specific needs. Staying close to our roots of being independent and locally owned has remained a focus as other agencies have sold out to banks or other national firms. We are a simple company with creative minds and we like it that way. So do our clients because it allows us to; put their interest first, respond quickly to their needs, negotiate best rates upfront, secure hard-to-place coverage, and establish personal relationships.

We tirelessly stay atop the ever changing insurance market to provide our clients with the most comprehensive risk programs available today. Recognizing the needs of our clients, we expanded our services in 2005 to include a Life & Health division. Today, our professionals continue to add value to our services by paying attention to the customer.

With 18 insurance professionals and licenses in 25 or more states, we are still your local agent on the corner, but yet big enough to handle insurance needs of our clients nationwide. Our principles of high customer service, industry knowledge and personal relationships are the pillars that we provide for our clients and give them the reason to count on us.

You insurance is only as good as your agent! Call one of ours today.